APRICOT 2017 and APNIC 43

Accepted presentations


Large BGP Communities
Job Snijders
A Peering Strategy for the Pacific Islands
Jon Brewer
Fukuoka University Public NTP Service
Sho Fujimura
Using 100+ Billion DNS Queries to Analyse the TLD Name Collision Problem
Jim Reid
Network Automation with Salt and NAPALM: a self-resilient network
Mircea Ulinic
NAT64/DNS64 experiments, warnings and one useful tool
Jan Zorz
Two years of good MANRS
Andre Robachevsky
Routing 2016
Geoff Huston
IPv6 Deployment Status in Bangladesh
Md Abdul Awal
IPv6 Deployment: Case of Sudan/SudREN
Sami Salih (SudREN)
OWASP Mobile Top 10 2016 Risks - OWASP Seramphim Droid for prevent malicious software for an android users
Ade Yoseman Putra (OWASP Foundation)
Towards characterizing international routing detours
Anant Shah (Colorado State University)
Meaningful Security Conversations with your Vendors: Can vendors ever provide secure solutions?
Barry Greene (Getit)
IP Addresses in 2016
Geoff Huston (APNIC)
IoT - the Next Wave of DDoS Threat Landscape?
CF Chui (Arbor Networks)
Cryptography - RSA and ECDSA
Geoff Huston (APNIC)
Isolario - the real-time Internet routing observatory
Luca Sana (IIT-CNR)
Forensic Tracing in the Internet - an Update
Geoff Huston (APNIC)
DNSSEC Deployment for .VN
Nguyen Trung Kien (VNNIC)
DNSSEC/DANE/TLS Testing in Go6Lab
Jan Zorz (ISOC)


Internet of Things
Jon Brewer
Network Automation: Ansible 101
Matt Peterson
MPLS-based Metro Ethernet Networks: A Tutorial
Paresh Khatri
MPLS L3 VPN Deployment
Jessica Wei
Internet Resource Management (IRM) and Internet Routing Registry (IRR)
Jessica Wei
Deploy MPLS Traffic Engineering
Nurul Islam Roman (APNIC)
Securing Internet Routing: RPSL & RPKI
Fakrul Alam (APNIC)
How to ensure a Highly Available (HA) Systems Infrastructure
Muhibul Tanim (Robi Axiata)


Jan Zorz
Yoshinobu Matsuzaki
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
Network Function Virtualisation
Santanu Dasgupta
Virtualisation Workshop
Ram Krishna Pariyar
Community Wireless Mesh Networking
Kanchana Kanchanasut (intERLab/AIT)