APRICOT 2017 and APNIC 43

Jessica Shen

Nominee details

Jessica Shen
Director of IP Operations
China Internet Information Center (CNNIC)

Jessica Shen

Biographical info

Jessica Shen currently serves as APNIC Executive Council member. Before the EC job, she served as co-chair of NIR SIG for four years. She actively participates in APNIC conferences and trainings, and was in charge of hosting one APNIC conference in China. The years’ involvement in APNIC community made her familiar with the way community runs. She contributed her capabilities and passion to serve the community.

Jessica is Director of IP Operations at CNNIC, in charge of member service, resource management, policy involvement, system construction and business development. Under her leadership, CNNIC IP Alliance has now developed to a local community with over 1300 members, covering wide range of industries such as Internet & information, manufacturing, retail, education and healthcare etc. In this community, she got members involved in APNIC policies and advanced international practices, held IP Alliance submits and seminars, organized IPv6 trainings and conducting national IPv6 projects during the past 9 years, which has made the alliance become a good industry platform in China.

She holds a bachelor degree in telecommunications and a master degree in business administration.

Nominee Statement:

As an EC member for the last two years, I made contributions in terms of strategy, operation and development. Regarding the strategy, I played an important role in making and reviewing APNIC Strategy over the next four years (2016-2019) by emphasizing the key rules and methods to serve and satisfy the members as well as proposing the clear direction for APNIC to find and provide value-added services to members on the basis of high quality and sustainable fundamental resource service. Regarding the operation, making best use of my years of experiences in community operation and member engagement, I can always have a deep understanding how to serve the members well and find where APNIC can improve to facilitate the members to access the service, policy or survey. Regarding the development, I gave effective output on how to enhance the adoption of IPv6 and RPKI in APNIC region. I took in charge of the number area of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Progr am in 2016 to provide IPv6 trainings and will further devote myself to this program in 2017 and beyond. In addition, I took on the job of ISIF (The Information Society Innovation Fund) Asia as a committee member in 2016.

I have a strong willing to continue serving the community. If I can have your support to be an EC member for the next term, I will focus on helping APNIC better understand the changing demands of members and stakeholders to create more community values, as well as further supporting the technical deployment in the region. With my working experiences in APNIC and local community, especially my dedicated thoughts for APNIC future development during my last two years EC job, I have the confidence to make our community even better.

Nominated by

China Telecom

Motivation for nomination

As China’s operator and APNIC's member, I have a close connection with Jessica Shen. I’m impressed by her high professionalism in her area and her passion and abilities to create ties among different organizations. I have attended the China IP Alliance Submit hosted by her for several times and regard it as a good opportunity to learn advanced IPv6 practices from abroad, and communicate with local ISP, ICP and IDC. As an active Chinese representative in APNIC community, she always has a conversation with us about the important issues discussed in APNIC community. That makes us feel more comfortable to participate in. I also see her great efforts in the APNIC community via her volunteer job duties as co-chair and EC. From her proven achievements and excellent coordination capability, I am sure she will make a greater contribution to the APNIC community as the EC member.

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